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Student Testimonials:


Lecture: Definition of the Derivative

OMG WHOEVER INVENTED THIS IS FREAKIN AMAAZING!!! best idea i've seen in a while!

Lecture: Rigorous Derivative of Sin x

thank you so much! i kept getting stuck in the part when you can separate the cos and sin with the denominator h (i didn't think about that). :D
- danielapimentel43

Lecture: Definition of the Derivative

you are the best man, it took my 3 years to understand that on my on, here i understud in 3 minuts :P thanx :P

Lecture: Question: Is Y a Function of X

Great, just what I needed, a simple quick explanation. THANK YOU!
- comp1337n00b

Lecture: Basic Derivative Rules

Godd tutorial! Altough english is not my native language you explain it very clearly and structured. Many thanks!
- Fangornmmc

Lecture: Problem 4 Solving 1/x Using the Definition of the Derivative

thank u so much! i was having trouble with the denominators in the numerator and getting rid of h, and this video totally straightened me out! :)
- AFBMovies

Lecture: Definition of the Derivative

I've been looking for this, thanks! you should make more videos and help alot more people : ]

Lecture: Rolle's Theorem / Mean Value Theorem

thank you u are so awsome

Lecture: Definition of the Derivative

wow...this is lovely - man u add a new dimension to my view of derivatives!!! thanx a ton!
- laughingjal

Lecture: Definition of the Derivative

I like the way you present the topic. It is a lot easier to grasp with the animations and the simple example. Simple and effective! :)

Lecture: Trigonometric Derivatives

Thank you! I have been looking for this everywhere! Everyone is showing examples and all I wanted was a list of what is the derivative of what. THANKS!